Whether it’s spotting the big game or delicate bird species that only the Kenyan wilderness can offer, or letting all those little stresses melt away with a therapeutic massage, a stay at Rhino River Camp can fill every moment with pure enjoyment.


Meru National Park is home to an extraordinary array of wildlife.
Our four-wheel drive vehicles and professional guides are at your disposal to explore the bush at your pace, and to enjoy a vivid, personal connection with some of the magnificent creatures that call this area home.
Seen in their natural habitat, far from the minibus crowds, the animals of Meru afford the visitor a wonderful experience of African wilderness and raw, unspoilt nature, complemented by the beautiful landscapes visible at every turn.
You are likely to see rhino, lion, cheetah, elephant, buffaloes, reticulated giraffes, and many more. Not to mention birdlife which in Meru is peculiarly diverse.
Our guides are all members of the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association.

New at the Camp
The Born Free Foundation is undertaking an informal lion census in Kenya which would greatly benefit from the “casual” help of visitors on safari.
Rhino River Camp is pleased to be part of this census and is asking its guests to participate by taking with them the attached Lion Sighting Form while on a Game Drive.

Lion Sighting Form (PDF, 200Kb)
Born Free 'Pride of Kenya' Lion (PDF, 270kb)


Ask us to arrange for a bush breakfast or a bush lunch. This will allow you to spend more time on your game drive not to mention the thrill and the pleasure of having a meal into the wilderness of Africa.


In our privately owned compound we have carved a few paths which will allow you to walk comfortably around our pristine environment on foot.
The paths are specially selected to bring you along places where you are most likely to see unusual birds, and many other small creatures around camp.
You can also leave the confines of the lodge and visit on foot the nearby farms, villages or simply the countryside.


We will bring you in our vehicle at the foothill of “Kilimajero” an extinct small volcano at just 4 Km away. The crater can be easily climbed to discover the small forest hidden inside it, and to enjoy 360° views over the Park from its rim.
The more energetic could walk (about 5 Km) to the discovery of the Kiolu river falls: magnificently encompassed by a steep rock amphitheatre, the falls are a hidden secret reward.


Ride a mountain bike provided on one of the many paths and dusty roads surrounding Camp.
You’ll ride through “shamba” (farms) of maize and bananas, through tiny villages, or you can get wet crossing one of the rivers of Meru!
An opportunity to enjoy the stunning scenery and rhythms of life that are classically African.


Sundowners are the ideal way to end your day. Enjoy a drink with a view from the small crater “Kilimajero” which is at a short distance from Rhino River Camp.
The setting sun on the Nyambeni Hills will add to your enjoyment. Or ask us to arrange for a sundowner in one of the spots we have selected into the Park.


After a busy day of adventure in the bush, why not relax completely with a massage or treatment from our skilled masseuse?
A break at Rhino River Camp is a break away from the stresses, deadlines and worries of a busy life back home, so take this opportunity to indulge yourself in the beautiful surroundings of Meru.


Enjoy a morning of casting your line in one of the many rivers of Meru National Park.


Rhino River Camp supports the local Community through a Trust. There are many small villages around our area and guests could visit them to understand the culture of the Meru people and their traditions.
Trips to nearby villages can be arranged as they are a very short distance from Camp and you can be accompanied by one of our guides.


Click here to download Activities' list in PDF (PDF, 150Kb)

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