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New Travel Itineraries

In order for you to fully enjoy a Safari in Kenya, we prepared a few itineraries which also include Samburu and Masai Mara in the Saruni Lodges at the same high standard of design, service, cuisine and activities as Rhino River Camp.

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11 Feb 2013

Silver certification under Ecotourism Kenya's Eco-rating Scheme

We are glad to inform you that Rhino River Camp has qualified for Silver certification under Ecotourism Kenya's Eco-rating Scheme.

This is a great achievement.
Ecotourism Kenya applauds the tourist accommodation facility for attaining this level of certification and commends your commitment to promote responsible tourism.

13 Nov 2012

Lions sightings almost guaranteed

Lions are thriving in Meru National Park. A day does not pass without guests coming back to Camp having seen quite a few of them.
During October a pride of lions killed a buffalo just meters away from our game drive vehicle.
Some of these lions are certainly the heirs of those released in the wild by George Adamson back in the 80’s and 90’s.

We had the pleasure and the honour of recently hosting Will Travers, Chairman of the Born Free Foundation. He applauds our efforts to spread the word about the success of these magnificent cats in Meru.

Oct. 2011

01 Nov 2011

Leopard and two cubs near Camp.

A female leopard has taken up residence just 500 metres from Rhino River Camp and is often seen with her two cubs. Last sighting on 26th August.
Although leopards are not seen as often as lions in Meru N.P., our sightings are on the increase.

04 Oct 2010

The Camp compound and all Meru National Park are as lush as ever.

The expected rains came on time in April and wildlife, both plants and animals, benefited greatly. There are a lot of newborns around the Park. Speaking about newborns, the latest rhinos born in Meru N.P. have been named by the Kenya Wildlife Service Ava and Andrea. Ava is a female white rhino and Andrea a male black rhino. KWS did that to welcome us, Ava Paton and Andrea Maggi, the managers at the newly opened Rhino River Camp.
Thank you very much to the men and women in the field at Meru for the Kenya Wildlife Service!
These new babies are in good health and you might have the chance to spot them and their mothers quite close to Rhino River Camp.

28 May 2010

Welcome everybody to the new web site for Rhino River Camp!

The Camp opened its gates to guests during Christmas 2009-2010. So, we are in fact a “baby” in the panorama of luxury lodges in Kenya. But the guests that we had the honour and pleasure to host during this short time already expressed their unconditioned satisfaction.
You could see some reviews on the section From the guests on this site, or on Trip Advisor site.
We are certainly proud of what we have achieved and we are just waiting to welcome you at the lodge itself!

31 May 2010

Our guest's reviews

The below are unsolicited comments from our guests. They have not been edited (if not for brevity) and come either from messages sent to us or our Agents, or posted to web sites, or written in our Guests' Book. Names of guests have been omitted for privacy.

Andrea and crew have made RRC a gem

Andrea and crew have made this a gem. It's a perfect launching off location for our second safari. We had never been to Meru, and after lots (lots!) of research, Rhino River seemed like the perfect choice. It offers everything other camps do, for about $100 to $200 less per night per person. We have stayed at more expensive camps, but some did not have the heart and soul of RR. 

We were met by a welcoming Benson at the air strip, who would be our guide for our 4 days stay. An easy game drive of about 45 minutes to camp, we arrived to cold drinks and towels. The main lodge and dining area are comfortably elegant and overlook the jungle, pool and river that runs in the small valley below.

Tents: Our tent was the first tent downstream from the main lodge. If we had concerns about being so close to the lodge, they were unfounded. There was complete privacy and the soothing sound of the river blocked any noise that we might have heard from the lodge. Our tent was actually two tents - spacious bedroom and bathroom, deck over looking the river, and the library/lounge tent. Gorgeous. Plenty of space for us to spread out, take naps, read between game drives. Very clean, and nice amenities (shampoo, conditioner!, soap). Our tent was well shaded from the sun - surrounded by jungle it kept cool during the hot days. I spent time viewing wildlife from our deck - water monitor, monkeys, tons of birds.

Pool: Priceless. I love pools, and the mid-day heat of Meru called for swimming. I usually had it to myself. It was clean and crisp with a nice view of the upstream waterfall. Staff would bring drinks down if requested.

Food: Best food of our trip. Lots of variety, fresh veggies and fruits, pastas and proteins.

Camp: We were offered a tour of the camp, and we eagerly accepted. The garden is gorgeous, so well kept. The kitchen was huge, tiled and state of the art. It has to be the best bush kitchen ever created. The staff tents were similar to ours, with a little less space, but the staff seem very happy about them. Every thing was new looking - or very well cared for so as to look new

Game Drives: Totally flexible with our photography needs. We chose to leave very (6am) early so we could get way into the park by the time the sun came up. We took a snack with us, and ended up being very late for breakfast two days, staying in the park until 11am or so.

Sightings: Elephants, rhino, birds, buffalo, grevy's zebra, cheetah. We got very close to the rhino. Lots of more common herbivores. The elephant herds were huge and lots of babies.

Staff: It was obvious the staffed liked working at Rhino River. They were very helpful, gracious and knowledgeable. Benson, our guide, was very knowledgeable, and a good driver. We loved his company and he made our experience rich. Thank you, Benson!

Highly recommend Rhino River. Andrea was over the top helpful during our planning, his knowledge of Kenya is extensive and his suggestions were perfect. We will be back!

09 Jul 2012 - By: L. D.

The Camp facilities were indeed ‘first-class’

Our host at the Rhino River Camp. Andrea Maggi, could not have made us more welcome and he ensured that nothing was too much trouble to ensure our needs were met.
The Camp facilities were indeed ‘first-class’. The food was equally first class as was the staff service we received throughout our stay.
Meru really is a hidden gem in the middle of Africa. Indeed it proved to be the best area for the number and variety of birds and of course sightings of the rare reticulated giraffe and Grevy’s zebra.

March 2012 - By: T.T.

A very unique setting that will make you feel like you are right in the middle of a "Tarzan" movie!

During a recent visit to Meru, I stay at Rhino River Camp and *********. I would recommend both but my absolute favorite was Rhino River Camp.
It's in a very unique setting that will make you feel like you are right in the middle of a "Tarzan" movie!
The vegetation is lush with trees drapped with huge hanging vines. There are only 5 tents so each person will get a real personalized safari experience. Each tent is very private and completely secluded from the other tents.
The tents are very large, beautifully appointed, and all have a view of the river. Each tent also is connected by a boardwalk to it's own private lounge-library-sitting area.

Feb 2012 - By: J.R.

There is a reason why this property has garnered an almost spotless excellent rating

Spent three nights at Rhino River Camp during the first week of January 2012. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were allowed to set our pace and no request was denied.
Most everything was included and there was never any pressure to do something that we were not interested in. We took advantage of the knowledgeable staff including Jackson, Dixon and Masai to take us on excursions and explore the wonders around the camp.
There is a reason why this property has garnered an almost spotless excellent rating. The food was outstanding with breakfast made to order, super fresh salads with much sourced out of their own garden and pasta for lunch. Suppers were a set menu, but considering the location were amazingly like any meal in a five star restaurant.

Jan 2012 - By: K.K.

Superb Camp

The food was fabulous.
The chef conjors beautiful italian food from his kitchen - fresh pasta, cold roasted vegetables, fine evening dinners.
It doesn't just taste great it is also presented with artistic flair.

Rooms were canvas cabins with ensuite showers and a dressing room - clean, beautifully decorated and with the sound of the waterfall providing the backdrop.

The pool lies by the stream and the wooden decking provides a great place to lounge and relax.

Altogether great value, great atmosphere, great setting, great people.
We can't wait to return.

14 Oct 2011 - By: A.F.

Simply the Best

After more than 70 safaris in Kenya, and staying at eveything from the 'Incredible to the Forgettable', I am more than familiar with the varying standards of safari accommodation within the country.

Without a doubt, Rhino River Camp is simply the best camp we have ever had the pleasure to stay at.
Andrea Maggi has created paradise in the wilderness - outstanding attention to detail, the best safari camp food in the country, wonderfully friendly and helpful staff and a great host.

Aficionados of safaris have long known that Meru National Park offers the ONLY true wilderness experience in Kenya.

1 Sept. 2011 - By: M&N C.

We had an incredible time at Easter at Rhino River Camp!

We went by car from Nairobi, Embu, Meru and the road to the NP was good and beautiful, at the park we had some problems to find the way to the camp.
But we finally got there and we felt so welcome!

The camp is really beautiful, the tents were amazing, the decorations, the views, the little extra tents beside your own big tent, the food was great, the pool attractive to the kids and the staff excellent trained.

They were there if you needed them, but also at the back if you don't needed them.
We did a nice bushbreakfast, birdwalk, fishing etc.

Really fantastic and we hope to come back! I am afraid we are very spoilt now after seeing this camp.

Thanks Dipa for your Pr and Andrea thanks for running such a great place. And we will do more pr for your camp to all our friends!

26 Apr 2011 - By: R&E H.

I don't know how you have done it, but you have created a true gem!

We truly enjoyed your camp, it is a little gem!

All the way from the setting, the tents, the immaculate way in which things are kept (every time we had been away from the tent, someone had straightened up behind us, yet we never found them in the tent), the friendliness of your staff, your excellent cook, I don't know how you have done it, but you have created a true gem!

Your staff is probably the friendliest and most efficient we have ever encountered in a camp in Kenya (and we have been to many many camps!) and they are incredibly attuned to someone's wishes. Everyone knew that we came every night to film the bush babies, so they would wait to put out the bananas until we were there. They also knew I was looking for a porcupine, so even the askaris would reassure me before going to bed that they would wake me if they found one, but apologized it was the wrong season. And as a saying good-bye gift, your staff packed up a small pack of quills for me. It was so sweet and thoughtful, I will never forget it.

Chris was indeed a gracious host, we truly enjoyed all our conversations and dinners with him. Just beware: We do have plans to kidnap your cook! ;->

14 Sep 2010 - By: K.v.H.

Not just the best tented camp in Meru...

Rhino River camp is in my opinion not just the best tented camp in Meru, but perhaps the best place I have ever stayed.

The setting is relaxing and beautiful. The food is delicious. The staff is attentive and inobstrusive. The owner, Andrea, is straightforward and helpful.

Rhino is great even by the high standards of Kenyan tented camps. On the same trip I had a trick at ***** and also stayed at *****. There is nothing wrong with either place -- and in particular, ***** has great views -- but I personally would stay at Rhino over either of these.

Its a new place so I would get there before it gets sold out or priced out!

20 Aug 2010 - By: S.W.

Possibly the best place I have stayed in Kenya...

Possibly the best place I have stayed in Kenya! Beautiful setting, superb food, fantastic service and gorgeous accommodation.
We saw leopards (3!), rhino (black and white, I think), elephants, buffalo, zebra, various gazelles, giraffe...
All in all the accommodation was fantastic and we saw tons of game - really impressed and would recommend it very highly.

22 April 2010 - By: B.C.

We will be thinking about what a great time we had for years to come...

We just wanted to let you know that we had a great trip.
The staff and facilities at Rhino River Camp are outstanding - the chef Ruth took care of our every menu request and Lawrence and Jackson made sure that everything went along smoothly.
We will be thinking about what a great time we had for years to come.

20 April 2010 - By: I&M. G.

A real dream, probably the best vacation i've ever had...

A real dream, probably the best vacation i've ever had... the tents are very luxurious, spacious and confortable but the feeling of being really deeply immersed into the wild still remains intouched.
It's very easy to meet many tipical species (even from the resort), to watch coloured birds flying around and the safari organized by the team (which is included in the price) is an experience you cannot miss [...]
Everything is well organized and the team is friendly and helpful. There are only few tents so it seems sometimes to be in the center of the african ground ... alone and not in a structure.
The cuisine offers many yummy specialities (probably due to the fact that the resort is lead by italians).

12 April 2010 - By: L.

Excellent! Great location, very good food, super service...

Excellent! Great location, very good food, super service and Ava and Andrea are extremely nice and great hosts. Thanks for recommending it!!
I have shared already with some colleagues and mentioned you as an agent.
It is only a bit tricky in the rainy season since the tracks have suffered from rain. We once got stuck but they came to pull us out- ;)

07 April 2010 - By: L.Z.

The best boutique resort I have ever been to...

I have to say it is truly the best boutique resort I have ever been to. My wife & I were there for 4 amazing nights, with safari drives during the day or lazing around the pool.
The staff were the friendliest, & well trained in the art of hospitalitiy we have experienced.
The designer tented rooms with zen room attached were spacious, clean & really gave the feel of being in the bush but in complete luxury, the food was amazing & prepared & presented to the highest of standards.
Each day we went out on a safari drive we saw an abudance of animals & the guide was freindly & completely knowledgeable on everything we saw & after a hot day the massages were fantastic.
It is not the last time we will be going to Rhino River Camp.

30 March 2010 - By: B.R.

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